Mallorca’s ideal setting

majorca sea


This island has beaches that dreams are made of. Pure white sand, crystal clear azure seas, calm
shallow waters for perfect bathing conditions, intimate coves below dramatic cliffs with a huge expanse of golden sand lined
with swaying palms.

According to official figures, there are some 120 beaches in Mallorca. Each with its own personality and unique location. The
vast majority of beaches on the island are known to be of the highest quality. Many are popular resorts, while others are
located in beautiful, natural and almost untouched surroundings. You can take your choice and find your own slice of paradise
right here.

The Tramuntana mountains run up the western coast for about 90 km and the highest peak is Puig Major at 1445 metres. This
mountain range becomes steeper the further north you travel. There are cliffs that drop dramatically into the sea. Roads are
sparse through the mountains. So, to really appreciate this spectacular scenery, it would be best to view it from the sea by
boat. But for the more agile, there are many hiking trails that run from village to village. There is another option, to the north
east lies a smaller mountain range named the Levant. The altitude is much lower, around 500 metres. But equally as beautiful
with its rugged terrain. These hills extend southwards, steadily lowering with peaks reaching to around 400 metres. This
location is a must see for those who truly appreciate outstanding mountain scenery.

The Roman ruins found on the island are of great interest to many people from all over the world. The ruins of Pollentia are
another must see. The Roman city was founded in the first century and was the capital of Mallorca and all the Balearic Islands
during the roman domination. It had its own forum, theatre, arena and institutions. There are three areas open to the public for
viewing – the theatre, the forum and the residential area of La Portella. There is so much history here to explore.

There are traces of intriguing moorish influence here in Mallorca. The narrow paved streets lined with traditional cafes, houses
with heavily wooded doors and wrought iron gates. Patios with stone staircases and moorish arches, lined with plants which
are a living reminder of the city’s Arabic heritage. The capital of the island was established as a roman city but later was
taken over by the arabs, visitors really do get to see the best of two ancient worlds in one place.

majorca cities and towns

How many things would you like to see and do? There is almost no end here in the capital. One of the first things you will notice
when you arrive is the fabulous marina and sea front. Maybe take a stroll down the palm tree lined promenade? The enormous
cathedral “La Seu,” Palmas most iconic building, can be easily spotted by the Parc de la Mar,. The old town is enchanting. Be
sure to visit the ancient quarter, “Sa Llotja.” This is home to some of Palmas finest boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and
markets. A little further away from the city centre, one can visit ” The Spanish Village.”It is a “show” village featuring the best of
Spanish architecture all beautifully re created. Also, you will find sitting on top of the hill to the west of the city, Bellver Castle.
It is a unique round castle from the fourteenth century and it boasts some of the best views of the city itself. This is just a tiny
sample of what this amazing capital has to offer.

Mallorca’s capital Palma has distinct areas renowned for its night life. One of the most popular is La Lonja. It is a maze of
narrow streets filled with restaurants, cafes and bars. Not to be missed is the well known Jazz Voyeur Club famous for its live
music and great atmosphere. Nearby you will also find the Ábaco cocktail bar housed in a 16th century palacio. Yet another
Must see for visitors to the city. Sit back and relax, indulge with a cocktail while listening to classical music. Many locations
offer live music in beautiful surroundings.
Santa Catalina is the place to be if you are looking for a night out for all ages and tastes.
Port Adriano caters for the glamorous. It is a place to be seen for the beautiful people who enjoy the extravagances of a super-
Yacht marina. So whether you like to eat, drink, dance or be seen, you can enjoy it all in the capital of this beautiful “jewel”
of an island.